Dryland Training

Learn the one thing that EVERY successful hockey team does!

“I firmly believe that any man’s finest hour-his greatest fulfillment to all he holds dear-is that moment when he has to work his heart out in a good cause and he’s exhausted on the field of battle-victorious”-Vince Lombardi

Hockey coaches, if you aren’t already you need to implement a team dryland training session before or after your regular on-ice practices.  Ideally, you’d run the dryland training after the on-ice practice so your players would be able to practice in a non-fatigued condition.

It’s considerably easier for hockey players to learn and master new skills while in a non-fatigued state, making it more likely they’ll perform the skills well in a fatigued state.

Regardless of the timing, dryland training sessions help you keep your entire team accountable for training, and builds camaraderie amongst your players.

Three things to consider while running your team dryland session:

1) All players are not created equally. At any given level, every team has players that are exceptionally fast, some that are admirably strong, and some that have less remarkable physical abilities.  Be aware of this in drills that you pair players together in; do your best to pair players of equal physical abilities, and/or highly motivated players with teammates that are slightly faster/stronger.

2) Any idiot with a whistle can make a group of hockey players tired. That doesn’t make it good training.  Remember the purpose of your exercises/drills.  If you have your team perform a lower body power exercise, such as any type of jump, you want to limit the number of jumps they do to a number that can be performed with maximal intensity and proper form.  If your goal is to make your players more explosive and faster, they’re going to need proper rest between each set.


Explosive transition speed training off the ice can have a huge on-ice impact.

Explosive transition speed training off the ice can have a huge on-ice impact.

3) High intensity dryland training paired with on-ice practices will leave your players drained if they aren’t informed on proper recovery techniques. While static stretching is certainly one aspect of recovery, it’s far from the only one. 

By far the most important and least practiced aspect of recovery is proper nutrition and supplementation habits.

Despite current common practice, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY as the coach to educate your players on what they should be eating and when.  A well-designed nutrition and supplementation program can make the difference between a team that continues to get bigger, stronger, and faster, and a team full of drained players that inevitably begin to resent their dryland training, and eventually on-ice practices.

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If you run your dryland training program the right way, your players should finish the majority of the sessions feeling warm, flexible, and stimulated.

“Working hard is essential to success, but working smart guarantees it.”

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