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A step-by-step plan to become an explosive, dominant player!

My name is Kevin Neeld and for the last 10 years I have trained hundreds of hockey players to become the most explosive, powerful, and best conditioned players on their team.

Your hockey training has the potential to make the difference between you making the team or getting cut, between you dominating on the ice or struggling for ice time.

Following a purposeful, progressive training program that alters based on the demands of the time of year and on YOUR age and physical development can have a PROFOUND effect on your career. Training is the great equalizer; it allows those that can’t survive on talent alone to compete at the highest levels. It also allows the highest skilled players to take their game to the next level, and become completely untouchable.

Unfortunately, the majority of hockey players still aren’t following a well-designed, structured program. Too many follow outdated body building techniques or circus-like so-called “hockey specific” training programs. Not sure if this includes you? Check out the list below and see if your program includes all of these components. If it doesn’t, your program has substantial room for improvement.

Are you including these absolutely essential elements in your hockey training program?

•    Soft-tissue work (self-myofascial release using a foam roller, medicine ball, tennis ball, or lacrosse ball)
•    Hockey-specific static stretches
•    Hockey-specific joint mobility work
•    Dynamic warm-up
•    Lower-body, upper-body and total body power training
•    Linear, lateral, and transitional speed and acceleration training
•    Strength training
•    Linear and rotational core stability and power training
•    Hockey conditioning
•    Hockey nutrition and supplementation
•    Mental preparation

If your hockey training program does not include any of the above training variables, you are not fulfilling your potential and are missing an opportunity to take your game to the next level.

You’re ready to become a strong, fast, dominant hockey player, now you need to take action!

Ultimate Hockey Training is the only comprehensive step-by-step training manual for hockey players and coaches endorsed by the world’s leading hockey training experts! Ultimate Hockey Training will show you:

  • How to maximize skating speed through simple technique improvements
  • How to combine linear and transitional speed training techniques to maximize on-ice transfer from off-ice training
  • Plyometric progressions to improve lower body power and skating speed
  • Full body power progressions to improve shooting velocity
  • Conditioning modalities and progressions to ensure you’re as strong and fast in the third period as you are in the first

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6 Responses to “Hockey Training”

  1. Jake Goldwater says:

    With the Videos’ would this set up a routine for me to workout with?

  2. admin says:

    Hi Jake,

    Thanks for visiting the site. It’s really simple to design your training programs with the set-up of the videos. They are organized by training goal (e.g. warm-up, lower body strength, core stabilization, etc.), so you can just pick an exercise from each category to do in each session and you’ll have a pretty balanced program. If you want a custom-made training program, my hockey training course and hockey training membership site both have a ton of programs. Good luck!

  3. Jason Beauparlant says:


    Great Job with your book. You have combined all of the latest training strategies in a user friendly format with great progressions. This is a must book for any coaches or players looking to take their game to the next level. Awesome!

  4. BILL EVERETT says:


  5. chris says:


    Have you come across any studies or know from your own experience if there are any advantages or disadvantages in wearing compression bottoms/tops.
    Does this help you accelerate and recover faster or does it cause poor blood circulation.
    I have both, what is your take.

    Thank you

  6. admin says:


    I don’t know a ton about it, but I know some pro guys are starting to wear them when they fly. I tend to think of stuff like this as the “it may help or it may not” category and would just tell someone to try it if they’re interested and see how they feel. I know this isn’t a very research-heavy approach, but everyone responds to things differently so it allows the individual to gauge his or her own response.


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